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Annual Performance 2014

Date: 17/7/2014 (Thurs)

Venue: North District Town Hall Auditorium

Time: 3:00pm and 8:00pm

Ticket fee: HKD 80 (Student HKD 60)

 Play (1) "Superman VS Mum Gor"

Playwright and director Jonny Siu

Being a teacher is no easy job nowadays yet being a good teacher is even more difficult. Facing the declining numbers of class, the over lively students and the pressure from the helicopter parents, what else could teachers do to deal with all these mess expect tranforming themselves to superman?


Play (2) "Due date"

Playwright Tsin Tak Shun Director Cheng Pui Ka

Along with the joy brought by the prenency news of Mrs Cheung, appointment with the OB/GYN was booked by Mr Cheung. When their doctor told them there's a state of the art technology that could bring the days after the baby's birth to their eyes, the lovely parents were psyched to experience the future without hesitation...... 


Play(3) "Painted Skin"

Writer Pu Songling   Editor and diector Tsin Tak Shun

Once upan a time, there is a young man, Wong. He met a stunning young girl who was abused by her family and finally escaped from them. And Wong could not help but to take her home with him......


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