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Learning English through Drama

Name of Project

Learning English Through Drama in the New Senior Secondary English Language Curriculum----Curriculum Dissemination and Teacher Training   

Need Analysis for the Project

Many schools are planning to select the module “Learning English through Drama” in the New Senior Secondary English Language Curriculum as English teachers generally find that the module is an effective way to enhance student’s capacity in reading, writing, listening and speaking. The module, however, faces difficulties when it comes to practice. Firstly, many English teachers do not have enough drama training. Secondly, many students in junior secondary school do not have the chance to study drama.

Members of the Hong Kong Teachers Drama Association (HKTDA) and other English teachers reflect their needs and hope that the association will help them equip for teaching this module by providing curriculum details, lesson plans, training courses, etc. The implementation of this project will lessen teachers’ workloads when they select this module as part of their English curriculum.

Curriculum Planning

Learning Objectives

  • To strengthen learners’ skills of understanding and interpreting dramatic texts through reading and writing

  • To enhance learners’ oral skills by encouraging them to experiment with language in different roles and dramatic contexts

  • To strengthen learners’ creativity through script writing, oral activities and dramatic performances

  • To help learners reflect on and evaluate their own performance and those of others

Content and Time Allocation

Unit 1 –Play reading skills (12 periods)

Unit 2 –Scene Writing (16 periods)

Unit 3 – Performing (22 periods)

Training Workshop

Dissemination Seminar and Performances

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